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    In the bend of a street or an alley, discover in the course of your walks the secrets of cities and villages of our regions. Remarkable facades, places, houses of times and many other hidden treasures, here is which treasures offer themselves to you. Picturesque villages of countrysides in the big metropolises, take time to promenade and to appreciate.
13 in Aquitaine.
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Città e paesi a Blaye


Marie HALLIER Le Talaise - 17210 MONTLIEU LA GARDE 33390 Blaye (Gironde)
Tel : 06 76 55 14 75
Marie provides tourleading services to discover or re-discover "La Gironde": UNESCO treasures Bordeaux, Blaye and Saint Emilion, Bordeaux vineyards and the greatest and most preserved estuary in ...
foto di Saint Martial Viveyrols
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Città e paesi a Saint-Martial-Viveyrol

Saint Martial Viveyrols

Lisa Giraud Taylor le bourg 24320 Saint-Martial-Viveyrol (Dordogne)
Tel : 3 36 74 00 50 57
Un piccolo ma grazioso paese dove la vita è buona, un buon ristorante, alcuni luoghi da visitare ... posizione ideale per esplorare la zona intorno al Perigord Vert

Città e paesi a Molières

Molières en Périgord

Mairie Le Bourg 24480 Molières (Dordogne)
Tel : 05 53 63 19 23
Molière: one of 18 country houses in Perigord. Its name comes from the Occitan Dumoliers "wetland, soft. His name has evolved in time: Molerii (1115), Moli and Moli (1315) and later Moulieres ...

Città e paesi a Arzacq-Arraziguet

Site officiel de la commune d'Arzacq-Arraziguet

Mairie d'Arzacq Place du Marcadieu 64410 Arzacq-Arraziguet (Pyrénées-Atlantiques)
Tel : 05 59 04 54 72
Site officiel de la commune d'Arzacq-Arraziguet située dans le Béarn (Pyrénées-Atlantiques)

Città e paesi a Saint-Avit-Sénieur

Saint-Avit Sénieur

Les Amis de St Avit Sénieur Association Le Bourg 24440 Saint-Avit-Sénieur (Dordogne)
Tel : 05 53 22 30 49
Saint Avit Sénieur is situated in the Dordogne in South-West France, a magnificent region of fortified villages which boasts a heritage unparalleled elsewhere in France, other than perhaps Paris, and ...

Città e paesi a Blanquefort-sur-Briolance

Blanquefort sur briolance

Despont Le bourg 47500 Blanquefort-sur-Briolance (Lot-et-Garonne)
Tel : 05 53 49 39 88  - Fax : 05 53 49 36 67
Petit village touristique, blanquefort se situe entre agenais, quercy et périgord noir

Città e paesi a Biarritz

Biarritz, ancien village de pêcheurs

Admin Le Bourg 64200 Biarritz (Pyrénées-Atlantiques)
Tel : 05 55 17 29 29
Biarritz was for a long time a mere fishing village. It was famous for whaling, a trade that lasted from the Middle Ages to the 17th century. The geography of the place was ideal for trapping the ...

Città e paesi a Laruns

La vallée d'Ossau : culture et mémoire

Fabrice Casadebaig Monplaisir 64440 Laruns (Pyrénées-Atlantiques)
Tel : 06 76 95 93 40
Ce site présente quelques-unes des richesses culturelles marquantes de la vallée d'Ossau (Béarn, Pyrénées-Atlantiques), notamment sa tradition musicale séculaire et les principaux traits de son ...
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