Museums and exhibitions
    It is the emphasising of art and of culture. Museums in permanent or temporary exhibitions, here is so many choices allowing you to open in classical or contemporary art. Many thematic museums are to discover, they pay tribute to a job, a site or to a character.
24 in Aquitaine.
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Museum in Laluque

musée de la vie rurale en pays landais

mme falk 32.rue du 19 mars 1962 40465 Laluque (Landes)
Phone : 05 58 57 98 51
Heritage, rural living from 1850 to 1940. Objects of the past, traditional crafts: old trades on the floor with a room dedicated to the Resin-tools. Various exhibitions: fashion kitchen, clothes and ...

Museum in Mussidan

Musée André Voulgre, Musée des Arts et Traditions Populaires du Périgord

François Fréchinos 2, rue Raoul Grassin 24400 Mussidan (Dordogne)
Phone : 05 53 81 23 55
Located in the park of his family, the museum presents the Andre Voulgre collection assembled by Dr. Andre Voulgre during his life. Devoted to Périgord, he gathered in his father's house a collection ...

Museum in Bordeaux

Salon des Créateurs et des Ateliers d'Art

Julie Duboscq Quai des Chartrons 33000 Bordeaux (Gironde)
Phone : 01 44 01 01 89

Museum in Lormont

Musée national de l'Assurance maladie

Céline SAPHORE 10, Route de Carbon-Blanc 33310 Lormont (Gironde)
Phone : 05 56 06 19 88  - Fax : 05 56 30 91 81
A museum about solidarity ! Located in a XIX century’s castle, ten rooms present the great ideas and the historical stages of the build of the French National Health Services. Since the foundation ...

Museum in Biarritz

Musée de la Mer

Un aquarium plus vrai que nature ! Esplanade du Rocher de la Vierge 64200 Biarritz (Pyrénées-Atlantiques)
Phone : 05 59 22 75 40  - Fax : 05 59 22 75 30
Biarritz Marine Museum, Biarritz Marine Museum... for a unforgettable visit ! Seals feeding at 10H30 A.M. and 5H00 P.M. every day"

Museum in Saint-Privat-des-Prés


Emmanuel Espanol chateau de La Mothe 24410 Saint-Privat-des-Prés (Dordogne)
Phone : 09 61 04 80 52
Le chateau de La Mothe, domaine historique est un lieu d'art conteporain. Il accueille une exposition d'artistes contemporains reconnus.
Du 17 avril 2010 au 20 juillet 2010, Gilles Saigne, Philippe ...

Museum in Ribérac

Atelier Contempora

MANA directrice artistique 40 rue notre dame 24600 Ribérac (Dordogne)
Phone : 05 53 90 47 43
MANA open the Atelier Contempora
her studio and galeries every day on rendez-vous
open from 11:00 to 12:30am and 14:30 to 18h pm
closed on sunday
free entrance
permanent exhibition
and ...

Museum in Arette

Maison du Barétous

M. CASABONNE Place de la Mairie 64570 Arette (Pyrénées-Atlantiques)
Phone : 05 59 88 95 38
Au cœur du village d’Arette, la Maison du Barétous vous accueille pour vous faire découvrir les richesses de la vallée béarnaise de Barétous.
Véritable porte d’entrée de la vallée, la ...
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