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жильё,аренда , номера в отелях en Gironde

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Sous la tonnelle

Sous la tonnelle, chambres d'hôtes chez Marie-Jo 6 route de Prechac 33730 Uzeste (Gironde)
телефон : 05 56 25 33 13  - сотовый телефон : 06 80 56 88 30
смотреть на сайте http://www.souslatonnelle.fr Chez Marie-Jo "to Uzeste, guest houses and a beautiful gazebo in a beautiful village in Gironde also famous for its collegial, attractions that can only enchant you, an intimate setting where you will enjoy the hospitality Gironde . Under the arbor is a family house with development of character over a "Coffee Country" at the heart of the vineyards of Sauternes and the land of Jazz. Three guest rooms: 2 rooms with 1 large bed 2 people and each a bathroom with shower and toilet Italian, 1 room with 2 beds for 1 person and bathroom with walk-in shower and toilets. A cottage for 6 persons furnished. Opportunity to host tables, label key vacation rentals and tickets check accepted.
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